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Glenn Davis discusses all things soccer on his show, the self-proclaimed best in soccer talk, Soccer Matters.


  • 07/26/2022 Houston Dash Interim Head Coach Juan Carlos Amorós joins Glenn Davis

    27/07/2022 Duration: 03min

    Houston Dash Interim Head Coach Juan Carlos Amorós joins Glenn Davis during the Dynamo pregame show to briefly discuss their performance in his 1st game, how he landed in this role, his expectations, and more.

  • 07/26/22 Soccer Matters Hour 1

    27/07/2022 Duration: 43min

    Soccer matters starts by recapping soccer in the city of Houston as premier league champions played at Houston against Club America. Moving onto some transfers Dani Alves to Pumas, and Mexican International Santiago Gimenez with a potential move to Feyenoord. More transfer news, rumors, confirmations, & more. Moving onto Houston Dynamo talk as  their are issues with the club that need to be given voice. To end off this hour, Pat Onstad Houston Dynamo General Manager joins the show, to talk rest of the season, current issues with the club, & more. 

  • 07/26/22 Soccer Matters Hour 2

    27/07/2022 Duration: 47min

    Starting off the second hour with the continuation of a conversation with Houston Dynamo GM Pat Onstad, talking about transfers, future projects for the club & much more. Later, Glenn Davis is joined by Danny Higginbotham, ex professional Premier League Player, and current Philadelphia Union Primary Broadcast Color Analyst. Talking the youth system that Philadelphia has generated, & moreover the club. Moving along the interview, Danny talks about his pass through the Premier League, & much more.

  • 07/26/22 Houston Dynamo General Manager Pat Onstad joins Soccer Matters

    27/07/2022 Duration: 23min

    Glenn Davis is joined by Houston Dynamo General Manager Pat Onstad, talking all things Dynamo. Impact that Hector Herrera has had, potential transfers, addressing problems that the club has. Adding on, Pat Onstad talks about the future of the club, the projects and the process for the Houston team. Amazing transparency from Pat Onstad as he gives much information and insider views of the club. 

  • 07/19/2022 Soccer Matters Hour 1

    20/07/2022 Duration: 50min

    Live from PNC Stadium at Manchester City's open training, in the opening hour of the show Glenn sets the scene from City's practice, discusses the importance of Manchester City-Club America from a Houston perspective, takes a ton of calls, and dives into some of the latest transfer activity from across the pond.

  • 07/19/2022 Soccer Matters Hour 2

    20/07/2022 Duration: 46min

    Live from PNC Stadium at Manchester City's open training, in the 2nd half of the program Glenn takes a closer look at the importance of tomorrow's friendly from a Club America perspective, breaks down the Dynamo's season-saving win over the San Jose Earthquakes, and chats with Lone Star Sports and Entertainment's David Fletcher to get a behind-the-scenes look at what went into making tomorrow's game happen in Houston. 

  • 07/15/2022 Former Manchester City Full-Back Pablo Zabaleta joins Soccer Matters

    17/07/2022 Duration: 18min

    Former Manchester City Full-Back Pablo Zabaleta joins Glenn to discuss his fantastic career, what it's like working under Pep, and look ahead to City's upcoming preseason friendly with Club America right here in Houston.

  • 07/15/2022 Soccer Matters Hour 1

    17/07/2022 Duration: 46min

    To kick off the opening hour of the show, Glenn is joined by former Manchester City full-back Pablo Zabaleta for a fresh interview discussing his career and looking ahead to the upcoming Houston friendly vs Club America. After the opening segment, he plays his interview with new Dynamo MF and Mexican National Team captain Hector Herrera and Part 1 of his chat with Manchester City Reporter Simon Bajkowski.

  • 07/15/2022 Soccer Matters Hour 2

    17/07/2022 Duration: 50min

    In the 2nd half of the show, Glenn plays the 2nd part of his interview with Manchester City reporter Simon Bajkowski, his chat with Mexican National Team great and current Club America MF Jonathan dos Santos, and his in-depth interview with Dynamo GM Pat Onstad.

  • 07/07/2022 Dynamo GM Pat Onstad joins Soccer Matters

    08/07/2022 Duration: 20min

    Dynamo GM Pat Onstad joins Glenn to talk about the impending debut of Hector Herrera, the impact he expects him to have on the team, business the club would like to get done in the transfer market, areas the team still needs to improve on the field, and much more.

  • 07/07/22 Soccer Matters Hour 1

    08/07/2022 Duration: 48min

    On tonight's special episode of Soccer Matters, Glenn is joined by Sam & Chris from African Sports Network to talk all things; transfers, Dynamo's performance , & much more. More talk regarding Hector Herrera and the Houston Dynamo as Hector is said to debut this weekend against FC Dallas. Accepting callers to hear the Houston soccer community and their opinions on the impact of Hector Herrera on the club and its performance.

  • 07/07/22 Soccer Matters Hour 2

    08/07/2022 Duration: 45min

    Glenn Davis is joined by Houston dynamo Left back, Adam Lundqvist, to talk current team performance, moral, & much more. Our host asks Adam over the upcoming game against Dallas this weekend, Hector's debut. After the half, our host is joined by Pat Onstad, Houston Dynamo General Manager. Talking all things Dynamo; signings, past games, table, performances, & much more. More over this weekends Texas Derby, Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas. 

  • 07/05/22 Soccer Matters Hour 1

    06/07/2022 Duration: 45min

    On the first hour of today's show, Glenn Davies opens up with Game on; Hector Herrera and what he brings to the club, potential improvements, & more. Rolling on with Dynamo and their performance after the loss against Charlotte FC this weekend.  Moving on, our host gets into USMNT U-20 after their triumphant victories this weekend as they come out on top beating The Dominican Reptilic U-20 in the CONCACAF U-20 final.  Moving along with the City federation and how they are taking over the football world. At the end of the hour, Hector Herrera where he could be in the line up. 

  • 07/05/22 Soccer Matters Hour 2

    06/07/2022 Duration: 50min

    To start off the hour, our hosts invites Houston Dynamo Super Star Hector Herrera. Talking over past experiences including his pass through Atletico de Madrid, Pachuca, & more. To continue the interview, asking him over his position and how he could fit into this club, his opinions on the leagues, & more. Moving along the hour, Glenn is joined by Simon Bajkowski, chief Manchester City writer for the Manchester Evening News. To open up the conversation, our host asks over how the roster work under Pep Guardiola. More over Guardiola, Simon explains how Pep got involved with the media and his journey through it. Next, a conversation over Erling Haaland and how he could fit into the squad given his footballing characteristics.  Simon Bajkowski giving insider views of Manchester City players, transfers, & much more.  

  • 06/28/22 Soccer Matters Hour 1

    29/06/2022 Duration: 50min

    On today's first hour of the show, our hosts gets into some transfers regarding LAFC and the stars they have signed as well as re-signed for the team.  After, some more transfer talk regarding premier league giants. Moving a long, some MLS talk regarding Dynamo's win this weekend against Chicago, more over the game, Glenn talks over players performances. After the half of the hour, Glenn talks about how the success for the UMNT can change for this world cup regarding American transfers. To close off the hour, Glenn goes over Hector Herrera's arrival with his presentation in Houston being this Friday. 

  • 06/28/22 Soccer Matters Hour 2

    29/06/2022 Duration: 44min

    For the second hour, Glenn is joined by ex MLS athlete Eddie Robinson. Our host has a conversation with our guest regarding the state of Houston Dynamo judging off of this weekends result in Chicago, Hector Herrera, & more. At the half, our host moves onto another interview, this time with Houston Dash new signing Ebony Salmon. Glenn opens up with asking over her professional passed regarding when she was in Aston Villa Academy, and her pass through Manchester United. Closing off  the interview and the hour with asking over international change experience, & more. 

  • 06/21/22 Soccer Matters Bonus Interview Dynamo Forward Darwin Quintero

    22/06/2022 Duration: 17min

    Glenn Talks with Dynamo forward Darwin Quintero about what he's made of this season so far, his role in this team this season, his excitement to see the World Cup come to Houston, & much more. 

  • 06/21/22 Soccer Matters Hour 1

    22/06/2022 Duration: 48min

    To open up the show, Glenn Davis explains and listens to callers over the importance and meaning of the World Cup coming to Houston, Texas. Moving along the hour, our host goes over how the city of Houston had its importance in bringing the World Cup. 

  • 06/21/22 Soccer Matters Hour 2

    22/06/2022 Duration: 47min

    On the second hour of today's show, Glenn Davis is joined by Jessica O'Neil Houston Dash's president for an interview regarding the teams recent success, upcoming fixtures, & more. Adding on to this interview our host asks over the new General Manager hire of the team. Moving on from that, our host gets an exclusive soccer matter interview with USL Sporting Director Mark Cartwright. Having a conversation over the USL, player development, future plans, insider Sporting Director details & more. 

  • 06/14/2022 Soccer Matters Hour 1

    15/06/2022 Duration: 48min

    On the first hour, Glenn Davis opens up with nations league talk after England's devastating loss against Hungary, & more. Moving onto a the apple TV deal that was reached with the MLS, and possible World Cup matches in Houston. Rolling onto an interview with Pat Onstad, Houston Dynamo's General Manager. Pat not only answering our hosts questions but also our listeners to talk about the behind scenes of the team and Hector Herrera's transfer. 

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