History Repeating Itself


Pulling back the surface of popular fallacies. Exposing human nature as the mechanism for repetition in history. Learning from the past so we can better plan for the future.


  • Whats Wrong With Suicide

    What's Wrong With Suicide

    24/11/2014 Duration: 14min

    Will suicide be more or less acceptable in the future? We try to answer this question by speaking with expert thinkers about the logic or lack of logic behind our perceptions of suicide.

  • Football: Reforming the Brain

    Football: Reforming the Brain

    27/10/2014 Duration: 10min

    A new study connects football in younger players to possible behavioral changes. And one high school cancels the rest of the football season becuase of the threat of injury. 

  • Football vs Gladiatorial Combat Reboot

    Football vs Gladiatorial Combat Reboot

    16/10/2014 Duration: 10min

    More little-known parellels between football and gladiatorial combat. 

  • Babies. Why?

    Babies. Why?

    08/09/2014 Duration: 50min

    Most people don't question the act of having a child, but what seems like the natural thing to do might be more of a trend than a law of nature. In this episode, we speak to various scholars and scientists to get to the bottom of our true motivations for wanting or not wanting children.

  • Designing a Crime-Free World

    Designing a Crime-Free World

    05/08/2014 Duration: 11min

    Solitary Confinement used to be a good thing. And what does the size of a community have to do with crime prevention? How was Charles Dickens one hundred years ahead of his time in understanding the power of solitary confinement?

  • Creating a Criminal

    Creating a Criminal

    21/07/2014 Duration: 49min

    We have proven programs to decrease crime rates, yet we don't follow them. We spend so much on the criminal justice system, yet we're only making things worse. And a man named August Vollmer, who lived a hundred years ago, knew how to fix most of our current crime-related problems. 

  • Natural Burial: Robbing the Funeral Industry

    Natural Burial: Robbing the Funeral Industry

    19/06/2014 Duration: 36min

    The U.S. is one of only 6 countries that embraces embalming. Why? And why do we spend thousands on funerals when we can achieve the same goals for almost zero dollars? What does the Civil War have to do with buying a casket at Costco, and how can talking about death save us a lot of money in the long run? 

  • Pornography and High Heels

    Pornography and High Heels

    27/04/2014 Duration: 16min

    Since the advent of photography, high heels have been integrally linked with pornography. In this episode we'll trace the ebb and flow of heels over the last 150 years. We'll look at why people wear heels and why high heels might be on the way out in America. By following the trends of shoes in pornography, we may be able to predict the future of high heels. 

  • High Heels Came From Persian Horsemen

    High Heels Came From Persian Horsemen

    31/03/2014 Duration: 12min

    High Heels came to the west via the Persian Army in the 17th century. Also, women originally adopted high heels from men becuase women wanted to appear more masculine. This and more in Part 3 of our series on the past, present, and future culture of high heels. 

  • High Heels and Sexual Stimulation

    High Heels and Sexual Stimulation

    13/03/2014 Duration: 09min

    Does foot binding lead to increased sexual stimulation? And how did the thousand-year tradition of foot binding disappear in a generation, a country with expansive borders and a population of over 400,000 people? We'll talk to experts and tackle these questions to provide a new perspective on high heels.

  • High Heels, Cinderella  Footbinding

    High Heels, Cinderella & Footbinding

    05/03/2014 Duration: 10min

    In this four-part series, we'll explain why high heel trends are important to everyone, and we'll look at the connections between high heels, foot binding, Cinderella, and possible increased sexual stimulation.     

  • Rob Fords Predecessors

    Rob Ford's Predecessors

    15/02/2014 Duration: 14min

    Why isn't Rob Ford unique in the world of politics? In our first installment of "In The News," we look at other leaders in history that share some of Mr. Ford's qualities, good and bad, and we'll try to figure out what makes a politician worth voting for. 

  • Football Compared to 1000 Car Crashes

    Football Compared to 1000 Car Crashes

    28/01/2014 Duration: 37min

    How does football relate to being in 1000 car crashes in six months, and what are the ethical and moral arguments against watching football considering the newly documented health risks? This and more in part 3 of our series on the decline of football in America. 

  • Decline of Boxing and Now, Football

    Decline of Boxing and Now, Football

    07/01/2014 Duration: 21min

    Why did boxing, which once rivaled baseball for the number one spot in American sports, disappear from high schools and colleges, and what can the fall of boxing tell us about the future of football in America?

  • Decline of Football and Roman Gladiators

    Decline of Football and Roman Gladiators

    29/12/2013 Duration: 13min

    Roman gladiators can tell us a lot about what might happen with football in America. For example, the gladiatorial industry had salary caps and minor leagues. 

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