Gifts Of Imperfection: The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Your Imperfections, Learn How To Take Action And Believe In Yourself Despite The Imperfections

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Gifts of Imperfection: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Your Imperfections, Learn How to Take Action And Believe In Yourself Despite the Imperfections

There are people who constantly seek perfection because for them, perfection equates to success. But as Voltaire said, "Perfect is the enemy of good." And usually, seeking perfection doesn't really move us forward. It actually holds us back. If we think everything is perfect already, it wouldn't allow us to improve or change in order to grow.

One should not be too focused towards achieving perfection but instead, one should learn how to take action despite the imperfections in their life. One should learn how to change his mindset in order to not lot imperfections get in the way to success. this audiobook will teach you how to do this. It will show you how to alter your beliefs and how your mind thinks in order to get things done even if things are not perfect.

This audiobook will teach you about the following topics:

-Our Mind

-How Belief Begins

-The Power of Manifestation

-Our Circumstances

-Taking Action

Always aiming for perfection is what actually stops most people from doing something or actually putting something out there. Some people think their work is not perfect so they just abandon it. It is a defense mechanism that ultimately stops people from getting things done.

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