A Cosmic Encounter A True Story of an Alien Abduction

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When an alien craft stalled Stewart Bench's truck on a back country road, he tried his best to just forget about it. But then they came back and made it personal. In A Cosmic Encounter, for the first time, Stewart tells the incredible true story of being encountered and then abducted by aliens. As an engineer, Stewart uses his technical experience to describe the specifications of the alien craft, their technology, their communications, and their mission.

You will discover the details of the alien device implanted in his nose, the telepathic communication displayed by the aliens, and a wealth of information about the layout and operation of their vehicle and equipment. This is a highly detailed, close-up look at how aliens are able to infiltrate our airspace and conduct experiments on humans—without any official acknowledgement—as well as the personal toll these encounters have on the abductees.