Stardines Swim High Across the Sky

Stardines Swim High Across the Sky


The poet, author, and indomitable naturalist Jack Prelutsky, having returned safely from far-flung places with an extensive collection of unique creatures that are a blending of the animate and inanimate, has worked in close collaboration with the fine artist Carin Berger, who herself conducted considerable field operations in preparing Mr. Prelutsky's specimens for exhibition and publication. While many creatures (two dozen species in all) were discovered and recorded and their precise qualities examined, we are presenting sixteen here for the first time and for the enjoyment and education of the general public.

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  • 01 Stardines Swim High
    Duration: 26s
  • 02 Stardines
    Duration: 30s
  • 03 Bluffaloes
    Duration: 26s
  • 04 Swapitis
    Duration: 01min
  • 05 Chormorants
    Duration: 46s
  • 06 Fountain Lions
    Duration: 51s
  • 07 Slobsters
    Duration: 36s
  • 08 Plandas
    Duration: 47s
  • 09 Jollyfish
    Duration: 40s
  • 10 The Sobcat
    Duration: 36s
  • 11 Magpipes
    Duration: 46s
  • 12 Tattlesnake
    Duration: 52s
  • 13 Braindeer
    Duration: 43s
  • 14 The Gloose
    Duration: 38s
  • 15 Panteater
    Duration: 45s
  • 16 Wedgehogs
    Duration: 32s
  • 17 Bardvarks
    Duration: 57s
  • 18 Credits
    Duration: 27s
  • sample
    Duration: 01min