Emotions Feelings Bundle: 3 In 1 Bundle, Happy, Hope, Forgiveness

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Is happiness the one thing you crave, more than anything else in the world?
Would you love a life that is balanced and where you have all that is important to you?
It's actually easier than you think!
The greatest thing that any person can have is happiness. Forget vast wealth, a career that has reached the top or other material things. These are fleeting and worthless in the great scheme and only by being truly happy will you be completely fulfilled in life.
With happiness we can achieve almost anything. Relationships, careers and life in general becomes easier and we move at much steadier and less frantic pace because we are no longer chasing the unattainable.
This three-in-one bundle series includes the following audiobooks:
1. Happy: How to Achieve Happiness In Your Life Project by Learning to Control Your Thoughts
2. Hope: A Guide That Will Help You Look Forward To Tomorrow
3. Forgiveness: The Ultimate Guide To Moving Beyond Your Past and Getting On With Your Life

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