What Would Ben Stein Do?

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Ben Steins experience from Washington to Hollywood and everywhere in between-- makes him the ideal individual to offer advice to others. His expertise in countless fields make his valuable, keen observations that  cover the range of topics and challenges that most people face every day -- the perfect topic for his next book, What Would Ben Stein Do?: Its a question wed all be wise to ask ourselves when contemplating an array of issues in both business and life: What Would Ben Stein Do... About a 401(k)? When traveling in a country where he didnt know the language? Performing a job he was rapidly outgrowing? Trapped in a struggling relationship? Negotiating a pay increase? Job hunting in a difficult economy? Delivered with the dry, honest wit that millions of people have come to know and love, Ben Steins next work What Would Ben Stein Do? will provide advice on any question imaginable from the man who has all the answers.


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