Budgeting And Finance Bundle: 3 In 1 Bundle, Budget Book, Budgeting, Systems Thinking

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Do you have a limited income and have to budget every month?
Do you find it easy or do you find it almost impossible?
Do you need help to get it right, before you end up in even more debt?
Most of us have to budget. It is only a few who are so wealthy that they never need to worry about the next pay check, or how they will afford to fix the car when it breaks down. For most of us this is the reality, but budgeting doesn't come easy in the modern world, where temptation lurks around every corner.

By mastering the basics of budgeting you will find that you will have a little extra cash for treats and things you want, because you've prepared for what you need to spend and saved accordingly.
This bundle provides you with the tools to make it happen!

This three-in-one bundle series includes the following audiobooks: 

  1. Budget Book: The Ultimate Budget Planner And Financial Planner Workbook

  2. Budgeting: The Ultimate Guide for Getting Your Finances Together

  3. Systems Thinking: A Guide to Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, and Creating Lasting Results for Your Business

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