Neuro Linguistic Programming : The Essential Guide To Nlp. Bonus: Dark Psychology And Manipulation Techniques

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This book discusses many of the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) models of excellence in interaction, business, education, and rehabilitation. The strategy is practical. It achieves results, and in many fields around the globe, it is increasingly influential.
NLP keeps growing and generating fresh thoughts. We, the authors, know that books, on the other hand, are static and fixed. Each book is a declaration about when it was written. It's the subject's snapshot. But just because tomorrow, a man is going to be different is no reason not to take a photo today.
NLP is an attitude of mind and a way of being in the world that cannot be passed on properly in a book, although some sense of it will stem from reading and listening. A fantastic piece of music is enjoyed by listening to it, not by looking at the score.
NLP is simple. It is a collection of models, abilities, and methods that enable the world to think and act efficiently. NLP's aim is to be helpful, boost choice, and to improve the quality of life.
Our goal in narrating this audiobook is to fulfill the need we felt in speaking to the increasing amount of individuals interested in NLP. It would share our enthusiasm for the ideas on how individuals think and the possible modifications. In a manner that makes them easily accessible for use as instruments for change in a changing world, it would contain many of the most helpful abilities, patterns, and methods. It would still be helpful as a reference book after a first listening session. It would provide practical advice to follow specific interests and apps when purchasing other NLP books. And in selecting NLP training classes, it would give advice.