Leadership U (Re)Learning To Lead In Times of Crisis

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Leadership is all about others—inspiring them to believe, then enabling that belief to become reality. That's the essence of Leadership U: it starts with 'U' but it's not about 'U.'

Those timeless words are timelier than ever today, as leaders look to accelerate through the crisis curve. As author Gary Burnison observes, "There will likely be more change in the next two years than we have seen in the last twenty." Now, in Leadership U, Burnison lays out a framework—his "Six Degrees of Leadership"—to show leaders how to create change.

Anticipate—foreseeing what lies ahead. Navigate—course-correcting in real time, to keep the organization on an even keel. Communication—constantly connecting with others; the leader is both the messenger and the message. Listen—breaking down the organizational hierarchy to gather insights at all levels. Learn—applying learning agility, to "know what to do when you don't know what to do." Lead—empowering others in a bottom-up culture that is more nimble, agile, innovative, and entrepreneurial than ever before.

Only by embracing these truths can leaders master another 'U'—the "crisis curve" that will completely disrupt the business landscape.