Smarter Together How Communities Are Shaping the Next Revolution in Business

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Driving value today requires information. Lots and lots of information. Most of us are becoming good at distilling the data within our own companies, but that’s not enough if we want a competitive advantage. In Smarter Together, Coupa Software CEO Rob Bernshteyn explains how we will soon be able to draw upon the intelligence of the community—collectively what we, and the organizations we work for, know—to benefit the community, our companies, and ourselves.
For example, we’ll easily uncover:
·         Real-time best practices for virtually every element of our business.
·         The best way to offer our products and services.
·         Who delivers exactly what they say they will, on time, with the best price, quality and reliability.
As Bernshteyn explains, the prescriptive insights gleaned from the massive amount of community data available worldwide will transform entire industries and break down long-standing barriers to value.
All of us will grow smarter together. Commerce will never be the same again.