Basketball Agents: Decoded The DEFINITIVE Guide To Having A Well-Connected Basketball Agent Working On Your Behalf To Get You The Playing Opportunities You Deserve

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Attention all Overseas Basketball Players who want to learn why basketball agents exist and what an agent can do for your career that you can't do for yourself.Do you want to understand what a basketball agent looks for in the players they represent? Or even how to position yourself as the player that a basketball agent wants to sign and represent?

If you're looking for a basketball agent, then this brand new book by Overseas Basketball expert Dre Baldwin reveals how every Overseas Basketball player can understand exactly how agents operate AND how to have one working for you, ASAP. In fact, here's just a sample of what you'll discover in the pages of this insightful new book, "Basketball Agents: DECODED":

- How The World Of Basketball Agents Is Different Now Than When Dre Got Started (And Why That Spells GREAT News For You)

- How Every Professional Basketball Player Can Get Started Fast With A Basketball Agent (And How Long It Typically Takes To See Results With An Agent)

- When Is The Best Time To Get Started With An Agent, And The Inside Scoop On Any Special Tools & Information You Will Need

- What Kind Of Results Professional Basketball Players Can Expect If They Do Things Right With Your Agent

- Specific Questions Professional Basketball Players Should Ask About A Basketball Agent If You Want To Succeed

- Where Dre Sees Professional Basketball Players Wasting A Lot Of Time In Regards To Basketball Agent

- Who The Big-Player Agents Are In The Basketball World That Everyone should Pay Attention To

... and much, MUCH More!

And, as a special bonus, we'll also reveal a secret "Agent Hustle" you can use if you ever find yourself in lingo after a playing job ends!

Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have this PROVEN overseas basketball expert take you by the hand and explain not only basketball agents, but exactly how agents operate and how to have one working for you!


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