In Mysterious Ways

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During a stormy festival at a mountain lake, a retired sergeant, on a painful quest to find a daughter he never knew he had, joins forces with two cattle ranchers (a retired Fed on assignment and a lovelorn musician/part-time deputy) as they find themselves tangling with an eclectic collection of characters: a murderous con man who will stop at nothing, a widowed young mother with no history, and a wealthy family with a shameful secret. A thrilling chain of events comes to a startling conclusion as the storm rages on above the Western plains. Lee Martin has written a contemporary Western for listeners of all ages who love mystery, suspense, heart-tugging revelations, unexpected love, and murder most foul. Based on a Dear John letter to a soldier who, twenty-five years later, finds a daughter he didn't know he had, In Mysterious Ways grabs hold of readers and refuses to let go until the very last moment.