Ketogenic Diet For Beginners: 2 Audiobooks In 1 - The Ultimate Guide To Burn Fat And Lose Weight Quickly And Easily On The Ketogenic Diet With Simple And Healthy Recipes And Meal Plans

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You Are About To Learn How To Leverage The Power of the Ketogenic Diet To Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, and Prevent Diabetes!
Even if you’ve tried all manner of weight loss programs unsuccessfully, this audiobook’s beginner-friendly, step by step approach will enable you to see what’s possible with the diet and follow it until you achieve your weight loss goals!
As we grow older, we need to be careful with our food choices; the Ketogenic diet makes the transition easier by teaching you the healthy foods that you should adopt for good health.
More specifically, the audiobook will teach you:
• The basics of the keto diet, including what it is, the goal of the diet, how it works, why it works, and much more
• Science-backed benefits you can expect from following the diet
• Side effects of the diet you should be aware of and how to deal with them
• How to determine your nutritional requirements in the keto diet for effortless weight loss
• Foods you should eat and those you should avoid while on the keto diet
• The ins and outs of keto flu and how to deal with it effortlessly
• Mouthwatering keto diet recipes that you can prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack to turn on your body’s fat-burning capabilities
• How to combine the keto diet with exercise the easy way
• What you need to know about following the keto diet when suffering from different illnesses
• Answers to commonly asked questions about the keto diet
…And so much more!


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