No Cry Baby Solutions For Tired Parents, Discover How To Help Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night And Have Amazing Sleep From Day One, From New Born To School Age

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Are you exhausted from your child’s constant crying through the night? Are you fed up with waiting around for your restless baby to drift off to sleep? Then you need to keep reading…
According to a recent survey, parents lose an average of six months worth of sleep during the first two years of their child’s life. While some sleep loss is inevitable, many parents experience excessive disruptions to their sleep due to babies or toddlers with sleep problems. This results in further exhaustion for both parents who are much less prepared for another demanding day ahead.
In the No-Cry Baby Solution for Tired Parents, you’ll discover:
• The most common sleep problems by age and their expert-known solutions. (Get a restful night NOW with these effective strategies for treating all sleep problems in infants and toddlers!)
• Twenty essential facts all parents must know about baby sleep.
• Little-known details about the sleep cycle of babies.
• Step-by-step instructions for succeeding with the sleep training solution.
• Must-know tips for optimum postpartum health for you and your baby.
• The sleep disruptors that most parents overlook.
• The real reason your baby is crying and how to fix it immediately. (Understand all your baby’s signals and learn how to turn crying into INSTANT calm!)
And much, much more…
Even if your baby is a constant crier and every trick you’ve tried has failed, the extensive research behind this guide can ensure that you’ll come to a full understanding of your child’s sleep patterns and learn all the tricks for inducing smooth, undisturbed sleep, resulting in a much happier household.
If you want to access these transformative tips only known to experienced parents and pediatricians, and finally get much-needed rest for you and your child, then you should listen to this audiobook!