Brain Training 101: Cutting-edge Techniques To Retain Focus & Concentration - Improve Your Memory In Just 7 Days With Brain Exercises, Guided Meditation, And Affirmations

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Learn how to achieve optimum brain capacity and eliminate brain fog without medical treatment, even if your mind is constantly scattered and unfocused.
This guide was written specifically to amp-up your brain’s abilities, and take you to the top of your game in just 7 days.
This may surprise you, but weakened cognitive function is not just a common problem for the elderly. Recent studies discovered that the brain actually begins its cognitive decline in our 20s. By the age of 27, most of us will see a deterioration in brain speed, concentration and memory recollection – but with new research, experts have found ways to combat this.
In Brain Training 101, you’ll discover:
One-hundred expert-tested hacks you MUST know to achieve optimum brain health (You’ll develop razor-sharp cognitive abilities with practice!)
The powerful memory-enhancing technique used by world memory champions.
Seven guided meditations to gain INSTANT mental clarity and strengthen focus.
How to use self-hypnosis to defeat any mental blockage and show your scattered attention who’s the real boss.
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced visualization techniques to expand your cognitive functions.
Positive affirmations to unlock your confident and capable self NOW.
Fun brain-training games to sharpen your mind and keep you entertained at the same time.
Twenty simple exercises you can do daily to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s Disease (Take control of your brain and maintain strong cognition for as long as possible!)
And much, much more...
Even if you consider yourself a total scatterbrain and have never tried a single brain exercise in your life, the expert research behind this guide has ensured that this audiobook will be the exception; you’ll develop hawk-like concentration, and the clear-headedness.
If you want to access these expert-designed exercises and unleash the power of your brain at peak performance, you should listen to this audiobook!


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