Emotional Intelligence, Understand Your Emotions And Create Profound Relationships, Discover How To Develop Emotional Intelligence,eq And Social Intelligence, Even If Your Are A Clue Less Begineer

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Do you often feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Are the relationships in your life empty, unfulfilling, or perhaps even painful? Then you need to keep reading...
There’s no way to sugarcoat it: your emotional intelligence is a major signifier of your future happiness and success – far more important than your IQ, according to renowned psychologist Daniel Goleman. Not only do emotionally intelligent people have more satisfying relationships, but they also make better leaders and tend to advance faster than others. A high IQ may be more likely to earn you a particular job, but how long will you keep that job? How far up the ladder will you climb? This is where EI plays a vital role.
In Emotional Intelligence, you’ll discover:
Tests designed by experts to build life-altering self-awareness and inspire powerful self-reflection. (Learn facts about yourself that you never knew before and NEVER lose control of your emotional responses again!)
Genius exercises to improve self-management and learn INSTANTLY how to deal with stress, even during extremely intense situations.
How to identify people with these four major communication styles and the best strategies for winning them over to your side.
Little-known tips for analyzing and greatly improving any romantic, familial, or professional relationship in your life.
Secrets behind conflict resolution and how to fix any disagreement at once.
How to develop social awareness and IMMEDIATELY gain someone’s trust through an emotional connection. (You’ll wield more power in every social interaction AND develop more fulfilling relationships!)
As a FREE bonus, you’ll also receive a chapter from The Power of Mindfulness:
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