Paper Children Phoebe Harkness Book 3

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Paper Children is the incredible third instalment of the urban gothic Phoebe Harkness series. It follows the young doctor as she stalks through the corrupt dystopia of New Oxford.

My name is Phoebe Harkness. When I’m not trying to cure the disease that killed the world, I’m working as an ambassador between the humans of New Oxford, and the Genetic Others, all the things that go bump in the night. A new power has risen and the boy who would be king is bringing his carnival to our streets. A vampire pride march in a city fuelled by prejudice: what could possibly go wrong? Indeed, somebody, or something wants to cancel the festivities, and is picking off vampires one at a time. What kind of monster hunts monsters?

“A clever post-apocalyptic fantasy, full of hilarious one-liners” - NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS

“Intelligently crafted horror-thriller ... Absolutely engrossing and left me wanting more” - SIMON CLARK


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