30 Days to Redemption

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Lissy is predestined for a calling; one she didn’t ask for or want for that matter. The weight of America’s fate rested heavily on Lissy’s shoulders. If she failed, America would be destroyed. Time is ticking. She only has 30 days to wake America up to the danger. She has no connections, no plan, little money and no time.

Lissy will face multiple trials and road blocks. Every effort to warn Americans that God’s judgment is about to be rendered upon their very heads, will be thwarted. She will be violently assaulted, thrown in jail, mocked and rejected.

Lissy will second guess her calling by God. Was her dream just a product of her over-active imagination? What if it was only a dream? What if it wasn’t? She will question her own sanity.

No matter the outcome, her marriage to the one and only love in her life, Glen, will hang in the balance and she has to choose. Lissy will lose friends, family and her spotless reputation as a nurse in a prestigious hospital.

It is an enormous price to pay for a dream she is uncertain will ever come to pass. What are her options? If she does nothing and God destroys America, blood will be on her hands and worse; she might be denied access to heaven. If she agrees to be interviewed on national television and other media outlets to warn Americans, she will lose everything. She is sure to be a laughing stock, the butt of all jokes told around every American’s dinner table.

The countdown has begun. Will she be able to stop the judgment befalling

America? Will they believe her? Does she believe it herself? Can this really be happening to her? To her beloved country? Lissy must focus. God has given her 30 days to convince Americans to repent and turn back to Him. She will do

whatever it takes to save America. She has to warn them. She will warn them, no matter what the cost.

The real question remains. How will America respond?


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