46 Things You MUST Know About Playing Basketball Overseas Key Information for Professional Basketball Hopefuls

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You see yourself playing overseas at some point, which is why you got this audiobook. Good.

Here, I’m sharing essential tips about playing overseas basketball that you may never otherwise have been told - until you were on the wrong end of this information (which is how I learned all this stuff).

Wouldn't it be much better to know some things ahead of time?

I created my pro basketball career after graduating an NCAA Division III school, were I was a six-foot-four power forward/center who didn’t even play on the basketball team as a senior.

I knew less than nothing about playing overseas when I got out of college. I went through many years and thousands of dollars of learning to know what I now share with millions of athletes worldwide. That learning, fortunately, paid off in me putting together a nine-year resume that took me through eight countries playing basketball professionally. Though it was never a perfectly smooth ride, the successes more than made up for the down times.

If I could do it coming from less than nothing and keep it going for nine years, you can, too.

You can read more about me on my website or the Overseas Basketball Blueprint course page if you wish; this audiobook is about and for you.

A lot of players ask me a lot of questions about how to play professional basketball abroad; this is your primer for doing just that. When you’re ready to get the full-course meal, see The Overseas Basketball Blueprint for the entire nine-module course, which covers everything in detail.


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