Kidnapped Level 3

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David Balfour discovers that his uncle is not the oldest son but that his father was actually the eldest and that he then is the rightful heir of his father's estate. His uncle is miserly and deceitful and after failing to have David fall off an unfinished staircase, he then arranges to have him kidnapped. David has a long and treacherous voyage on the boat he was taken by.

After crashing upon an island, he survives and ultimately makes his way back to his uncle's house. David and his uncle's lawyer trick the uncle into confessing he had David kidnapped and David manages to receive income from his father's estate.

Historical background: By the year 1751, Scotland had become one with England. Some of the people from the highlands of Scotland were unhappy. They wanted their own Stuart line of kings to rule, so they fought against England. The Highlanders were punished by the English king. The way of life of the Highland people: their clan ownership of lands, their dress, and even their bagpipe music, was being taken away by law.

Scotland could not stand together against what was really ruled by England. The Lowland people of Scotland did not feel the same as the Highlanders. And there was fighting among the clans. The Highlanders and the family of the Stuart kings did not win. This is only a small part of history behind the setting of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Kidnapped. It is also interesting to note that the last name of the young man in the book, Balfour, was Stevenson's mother's family name.

This audio classic novel has been carefully abridged and adapted into 10 short, easy to understand chapters. This format enables listeners of all ages and English language abilities to understand and enjoy the story. Composition includes original custom background music.

This adventure tale is appropriate for children and adults.