Two Tailed Trouble

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A cat café. A gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat. And a party that goes horribly wrong . . .

Cat café owner, Lauren Crenshaw, with Annie, her Norwegian Forest Cat, and Zoe, Lauren's cousin, are catering the anniversary party at the local senior center in Gold Leaf Valley, when the greedy new landlord is killed in a hit and run.

Was it an accident—or murder?

Lauren, Annie, and Zoe aren't the only ones investigating. Their new friend Martha, a regular at the center, loves writing down tidbits of gossip. Has she inadvertently written down who the murderer is?

Annie has also been busy, rescuing a kitten. Ed, who creates the legendary pastries for the café, volunteers to look after the little stray.

Zoe is tired of string-art and decides to try bead jewelry. Then Lauren's boyfriend Mitch tries to set up Zoe with his friend. But when she discovers who it is . . .