Sleep Better Every Night: Proven Relaxation Methods to Quiet the Mind and Significantly Improve Your Sleep Quality in Just 7 Days. Fall Asleep Instantly

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Does it take a long time for you to finally drift off to sleep? Do you often wake up feeling like you haven’t really rested? Then you need to keep reading…

Recent studies have proven that meditation and hypnosis can successfully combat sleep problems. By pulling the practitioner’s thoughts away from anxiety and stress, a sense of calm is instantly induced. These moments of peace can be life-altering, allowing one to finally feel rested and at peace. These practices can even ease the symptoms of disorders such as insomnia, and sleep-walking.

In Sleep Better Every Night, you’ll discover:

  • Ten guided meditations to INSTANTLY relax and feel more rested (These expert techniques will release you from daily stress and send you off into peaceful slumber!)
  • Ten hypnosis sessions to achieve an unwavering peaceful state.
  • Twenty genius tips to sleep as soundly as a baby.
  • Powerful quotes to calm your mind and diminish all signs of tension.
  • Over fifty positive affirmations to ignite mental and emotional harmony NOW (Free yourself from worry or anxiety and immediately start feeling like your best self!)

And much, much more…

As a FREE bonus, you’ll also receive a chapter from Mindfulness Meditation because we truly believe that when mindfulness is coupled with these skills, you have all you need to achieve permanent peace of mind.

Even if you’re a total insomniac and you’ve failed at every attempt to meditate, the extensive research behind this guide will help you identify the best technique to unplug your daily stressors.

If you want to unlock these expert tools and finally unleash the power of your fully rested self, then you should listen to this audiobook!


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