Basketball: Playing as Well as You Practice Perform In Your Games Just As Well - If Not Better - Than You Perform In Practice

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Do you play confidently and balls out in meaningless pickup games but then play like a bum in the real games and tryouts? 

You’ve been working on your game. You know what you’re capable of; you’ve done it over and over again in practice, scrimmages, and games against your friends. Then game time comes, and...nothing. 

Your performance does not reflect the same person who put in all that time. You’re not doing any of your moves. You don’t assert yourself. You're invisible on the court. Knowing the skills you have, this is really frustrating. 

Is it mental? Is it physical? Is it something else? 

It’s a little bit of all those and more. This workbook, Playing as Well as You Practice, will move you past it. 

Upon completion of this workbook, you will: 

  • Play with full confidence in the biggest moments 
  • Never have another deer-in-the-headlights moment on the basketball court 
  • Erase all performance-anxiety problems and conquer the cues that cause it 
  • Step on the court with an aggressive mindset that keeps you on the offensive, never nervous or hesitant 
  • Know the exact mental cues you’ll use to lock yourself into a mindset that’s congruent with your highest level of performance