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The Mental Handbook is an award-winning book. But I realize the book itself wasn't enough. I realize it's not enough to simply tell you how to build mental toughness, confidence, and discipline.

I know my daily Work On Your Game Podcast, though the best in its category and a giant step in the right direction, isn't going to permanently change you by itself. I know for a fact that changing your life from the inside-out, starting with your mindset and how you see yourself, isn’t a second-person job.

No matter how much I talk to you, inspire, and motivate you, nothing I say to you will have a much impact on your life as what you say to you. Which is why I created The Mental Workbook. Setting goals and working hard are requirements for achievement. Many people falsely believe that's all there is to it. If that’s all it takes, why are so few people successful? There’s more - much more - to you reaching all your goals than just having them and working every day.

The good news is, I know the exact formula for creating anything you want in life. I explain in detail how and why it works. I talk you through each step of the program. And, most importantly, I put you in position to do it yourself instead of just hearing about it. This is the exact program I follow myself, still to this day. I guarantee that it works. And I demand that you follow it. It’s called The Mental Workbook. Let’s start now.