Calm Your Anxiety with Guided Meditation Discover How to Reduce Your Anxiety in Just 7 Days with Self-Healing, Breathing Exercises, Visualization, and Imagery

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by anxious feelings and racing thoughts? Are you desperate to relieve yourself of constant stress, but you’re just not so sure how to start? Then you need to keep reading…

According to the American Institute of Stress, a whopping 73-77% of adult Americans regularly experience physical and psychological symptoms produced by stress. Recent polls have also shown that 40% of the population are more anxious than they were the previous year. Meditation, however, is a known aid. For centuries, it has proven capable of easing mental and emotional distress.

In Guided Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Relief, you’ll discover:

  • Over ten guided meditations to INSTANTLY soothe anxious habits and create a sense of calm. (These expert techniques will release you from daily stress and relieve you of negative thoughts!)
  • Mindful scanning sessions to unwind and relinquish mental stressors.
  • Visualization techniques to relax and reenergize.
  • Reflection and contemplation sessions for improved self-awareness and tension relief.
  • Breathing exercises to reclaim the body and quiet the mind NOW. (Sleep soundly and peacefully with these genius relaxation methods!)

And much, much more…

Even if your stress levels are off-the-charts and you’ve failed at every other attempt to meditate, the extensive research behind this guide will illuminate the most effective methods to find stress and tension relief, develop self-awareness, and immediately feel more rested after every night’s sleep. 

If you want to access these expert techniques and finally transition from ‘on edge’ to ‘on top,’ then you should listen to this audiobook!