When God Wrecks Your Romance Orthodox Faith, Unorthodox Story

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When God Wrecks Your Romance is a coauthored memoir written by a newly ordained priest and a young married mother of four children. It’s the story of two kids who fell for each other as teens, and, spoiler alert, ultimately did not end up together. It’s pretty much the opposite of a quaint and dreamy Hollywood ending. Yet it most certainly is a happily ever after.

". . . Amanda and Fr. Matt haven’t written a vocations fairy tale, they’ve given us one better: a true-to-life example of what it means to 'hear' God calling you forward and to choose your response. It’s hard to think of a book this good at showing spiritual growth." —Steven Lewis, Creator of Steve the Missionary 

"When God Wrecks Your Romance is a well-crafted love story that is relatable as well as endearing. . . . Even as a non-practicing Catholic, this story had a way of inviting me in and keeping me entertained." —Kim Collier, Founder of Brown Girls Who Write 

"Far from being a sappy romantic story with a predictable ending, When God Wrecks Your Romance is a beautiful and faith-filled account of love and the human desire for true happiness. At times thought provoking, at other times touching and tender, these reflections are honest and real." —Bishop William A. Wack, CSC, Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee


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